Who we are

An independent technical team of Cardano enthusiasts maintaining a staking node in a sustainable way. Starting in early 2021 we used our own ADA funds to create the EDGE1 staking pool, with the aim of using our skills to contribute to the decentralisation on the Cardano network.

  • Low fees forever
  • High up time infrastucture
  • Continually Increasing Pledge

Independently operated European staking pool with low fees now and in the future. We will be continuing to increase our pledge overtime and contribute to the Cardano community

We promise to always provide low fees

We aim to keep the pool fees low, whilst keeping our Cardano staking pool sustainable for the future

Currently we maintain the minimum fee and will be trying to keep the margin at 0.5%. This will of course be dependant on the price of Ada over time and changes on the Cardano network, but our promise is always provide low fees, and be as clear as possible about them.

  • Minium Fees
  • 0% Margin
  • Low-fee promise

Top infrastucture and uptime

Our primary nodes is located in Germany, with relay nodes currently in Germany and the USA (coming online shortly)

We use an award winning service provider to host our node servers. With a proven track record in uptime, global availability amd security. Our choice in using this provider is driven by previous experience and reliability. With backgrounds IT infrastructure & networking we have the resources to keep everything running and secure 24/7.

  • State-of-Art Hardware
  • Award winning server provider
  • Multiple Relays in different locations
  • Security first approach

Independantly operated staking pool

This is an independant staking pool started by Terry a Cardao enthusiast who has been in the blockchain space since 2013. Having run staking pools for other projects and tinkered with test networks over the years decided the time was right to get start a Cardano pool.

Running a sustainable pool on your own is not viable which is why this pool is run as a small UK business, we pay reliable team members to make sure we have the resources available for maintenance and reliability.

  • Independantly Owned
  • Reliable Resources
  • Open & Honest

Commited to adding to the Cardano community

We wil be doing our part to add to the Cardano community. The Cardano eco-system is stil young and relativly new, we want do all we can help foster its growth. Our long-term goal is to help new pools, create content and give back to those in our community are doing valuable things.

As time progresses we will be updating you on the things we are doing in the community. For now here are some of the things we are already doing in the community

Explore our stats

Check out our pool stats on the community built explorers


What we do offer

Multi Country

Our relay nodes server are located in different coutries for maximum reliabilty

Open & Honest

We believe in being open and honest with our supporters about how we run our nodes

Continusly monitored

Our infrastructure is professionally monitored 24/7